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Fun Facts about Seoul for Your Seoul Tour

FREE Wireless Internet Everywhere

One of the great joys for visitors that travel around Seoul is the prevalent access to FREE Wifi, nearly all over the place you go. From the subways and buses to the cafes and restaurants, nearly all the establishments offer the customers with FREE access to Wifi.

Cheap Public Transportation

The most excellent part for those who visit Seoul will certainly be the inexpensive public transport. This will permit for a budget-friendly Seoul travel and will free up your wallet for other fun-driven expenses. Subways and buses are federally funded so riders do not sustain extra costs when transferring between the two.

No Tipping (Plus Great Service!)

Those traveling from the Western countries will recognize the ordeals of tipping. Well, in Seoul, tipping is not necessary nor is it even anticipated. On top of that, the customer service in Seoul is unparalleled, with staff working meticulously to cater to customer desires.

HUGE Cafe Culture

Seoul has a big cafe culture, with cafes on almost each block. Visiting a well-liked cafe is definitely one of the things to do in Seoul. From large-scale franchise operations to boutique cafes to hole-in-the-walls, Seoul is a vast place to experience a wide range of various cafes, Seoul attractions.


Seoul is a fascinating city with a wide assortment of actions for a broad spectrum of preferences. This is all made probable through the cultural norms and the innovation of a country that strives on modernization and growth. Technical advancements and cultural restoration has played a vast role in the expansion of Seoul. As the world continues to cultivate more open and as the sharing economy becomes ever more widespread, we can anticipate to see great trends being set by Seoul and its populace.

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