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Amsterdam Vacation Deals

Seeking for a short European weekend holiday? Amsterdam could be only the place to enjoy with your family, or friends or partner. Amsterdam Weekends unite culture, food, and enjoyment in one beautiful, charming city to fetch forth an experience unlike any other. The capital and the biggest city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is located in North Holland region in the west of the country. Amsterdam is the nation's fiscal and cultural capital. As a tourist destination, it is the 5th most frequented tourist destination in Europe. A small city, but splendid in history, art and the promise of magnificent adventures, Amsterdam is each bit fascinating, warm and appealing. Amsterdam hosts a prosperous cultural scene. The site of nearly 100 festivals a year and home to 37 world famed museums, Amsterdam also has numerous historical monuments, shopping districts and restaurants and amusement arenas, and luxuriant hotels to its credit.

Must see places in Amsterdam involve architectural specimens like the Old Church of Wallen's, or Wallen's Oude Kerk, the het Houten Huys at the Begijnhof built in rare Gothic style, and the Royal Palace which is a fine example of Baroque architecture? The city is the haunt of numerous young European tourists who come to expend their Amsterdam Weekends in the lap of great worldwide cuisines, enlivening parties, and stimulating shopping places. For those concerned in shopping, Amsterdam Weekends offer well-liked destinations such as Vodelpark, particularly great for families with children. The city of Amsterdam is both a well-liked luxury holiday as well as a backpacking target. It is a cultural flee for enthusiasts of the old and a fun city for the adolescent interested in shopping, food and fun. Hence, from profligate landmark hotels to self-catering apartments, youth hostels and camping facilities, Amsterdam Weekends offer lodging to suit all budget types and tastes

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