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The Colosseum is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of Rome. Inaugurated way back in 80 A.D. the Colosseum has a long & gory history. The place was utilized for the wild creature hunts, public executions, and gladiator fights for lots of hundred years, then became a condo of sorts as medieval Romans made their homes in the bulky ruins. It was the leading hall in the Roman Empire & is assumed to have packed nearly 50,000 populace inside. At the moment almost four million people visit this remarkable Roman monument annually. A must-visit on the numerous tourists' itineraries, the Trevi Fountain is situated amid a high attention of hotels, shopping centers and elite nightlife. Finished in the mid 1700s, the Trevi is a magnificent example of a baroque design with a noticeably renowned character. The god of the sea, Oceanus, comes out from the pool, bordered by his faithful Tritons. The fountain experienced a widespread, multimillion euro restoration & re-launched in its full brilliancy in November 2015. This renowned site is best viewed at night when lights light up the fountain.

Porta Portese is a Sunday morning market (about 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.) in Trastevere that travel experts utter fashionistas won't wish to miss. Whilst vendors vend all from books to antiques and antique. Also identified as Musei Capitolini, the Capitoline Museums was the 1st public museum in the world, and it holds Rome's symbol, the bronze Capitoline Wolf. As per the tradition, the wolf looked after the half-wolf, half-god originators of the city, twins Romulus & Remus. There's a definite cause why Rome remains one of the most inexplicable yet often-visited city all over the world. So provide yourself this opening and plan a memorable Rome tour with the help of a consistent tour operator.

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