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Guangzhou Vacation Deals

Natives of Guangzhou speak Cantonese, but owing to the huge number of immigrants from other parts of China, Mandarin is also generally spoken in Guangzhou. English is spoken by more populace than in the rest of China (save for Beijing and Shanghai), but still not by the bulk, so it is a better thought to take your hotel's business card with you. To hoard yourself the hassle and anguish when inqiuiring for directions, have names of your destinations clearly written in Chinese by the hotel staff previous to going out. That said, various educated younger people will have a basic acquaintance of English and staff at hotels as well as bars and restaurants broadly visited by foreigners usually speak an adequate level of English. Guangzhou has a fairly well-organized and quickly expanding public transport system. If you plan to stay in Guangzhou for a substantial period of time, purchase Yang Cheng Tong stored value card. It can be utilized not only for public transport (bus, subway, parking meters and some taxis), but also for public phones and designated shops.

Whilst driving in Guangzhou is an option, drivers unfamiliar with the driving conditions in China's large and compactly populated cities should be alert that the experience can be very daunting and potentially risky. However, it is frequent in Guangzhou to rent a car that comes with a driver. The city is rather secure but comes with all the normal caveats with regards to petty criminals. Pickpockets could occur in shopping area and transportation hubs. Keeping cash and precious private items out of sight and in hard to reach places can assist stop the intentions of pickpockets, particularly in crowded places? Guangzhou is a nice city with good-looking sceneries and pretty Chinese girls, valuable of travelling. For those who are going to begin their first travel in Guangzhou, this article should be useful.

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